With the motto “Let your texts work for you”, the IULA-UPF CLARIN Competence Center aims to promote and support the use of technology and text analysis tools in the Humanities and Social Sciences research.


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With ContaWords you can quickly and easily get a frequency analysis of your texts (pdf, html, txt). The results can be downloaded and easily handled.



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Researchers from many disciplines (History, Literature, Political Siciences, etc.) already use text analysis tools in their projects.

Check out what they are doing, it might help you!


Who are we ?


The IULA-UPF-CC-CLARIN aims to provide specialized web services to the Humanities and Social Science research communities as part of the European Infrastructure CLARIN. Our Competence Center is a recognized C-Center of the Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure CLARIN ERIC (www.clarin.eu). Our web services are basic tools that can handle and exploit textual data, which is one of the most important sources of information for many HSC disciplines.

Documentation center

To promote the use of language technology to researches of Humanities and Social Sciences, the center includes a Catalogue which manages, disseminates and provides access to technological tools.

The Catalogue follows the linked open data approach (LOD). This allows to search and link resources from different sources (internal and external). You can access the catalogue here lod.iula.upf.edu.


The IULA-UPF CCC is the coordinator of the Spanish CLARIN K-Center, an association of existing expert centres that provide services to researchers. Find bellow their specialities. You can contact them directly or use the contact button to tell us about your ideas, requirements or actual problems. We will direct you to the best expert within two working days.


UPF (Barcelona)

The CLARIN Competence Center IULA-UPF is specialized in Text Analytics and Language Technologies and Resources. The Center offers services to researchers working with textual data, specially in Spanish and Catalan.


LINDH - UNED (Madrid)

The Laboratorio de innovación en Humanidades Digitales (LINDH) is a research center on Digital Humanities at UNED that works as a hub for innovation, research, consultancy and training intended for researchers and projects in Spanish.

The LINDH is concerned with the benefits of Text enrichment, Semantic Web, databases and digital edition.


UPV (San Sebastián)

The UPV – Grupo IXA is a multidisciplinary team that includes members of four departments from the University of the Basque Country is specialized in Text Analytics and Language Technologies and Resources.

The group offers services to researchers working with Spanish and it is specialised in a broad-coverage natural-language processing for Basque.


TALG (Vigo)

The research group on Technologies and Applications of the Galician Language (TALG Group) at the University of Vigo is specialized in the development of digital language resources to facilitate the use of Galician, its translation, its study and its learning in the technological environment of the society of the information


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